Horizon Team Go Coast To Coast

Horizon Energy Services Ltd, was well represented in the 2016 iconic ‘Coast to Coast’ sporting event, by three of its operations personnel, Nick Issac, Cameron Mace and Mitch Croxon.

Held every February, the racecourse starts on the West Coast, at Kumara Beach and traverses the width of the South Island, crossing the main divide and finishing on the East Coast at New Brighton Beach in Christchurch.


The race is one of the world’s longest running multi-sports events and is older than even the Hawaiian Ironman. Robin Judkins founded the event in 1983 when just 25 hardy souls took on the 243km challenge over two days. Today, the event can attract up to1000 participants, and has different sections available, including the two day corporate challenge that Nick, Cameron and Mitch completed.

Times achieved were;

3km run and 55km cycle 1hr 49mins – Mitch
33km mountain run 4hrs 40mins – Cameron
15km cycle to kayak 27 min – Mitch
70km kayak 5hrs 12 mins – Nick
70km cycle 2hrs 10 mins – Mitch

With a total team time of 14hrs 22 mins for the 243km.

The Horizon team performed exceptionally well, remaining consistently in the top five of the 14 team entries to the event, finishing 4th overall for the corporate section. ‘It’s a fantastic sense of achievement and feeling of comradeship that you don’t get in the usual everyday grind of life’  says Nick Issac, ‘It was my 2nd time doing the event but it was the first time for the others.  I think they’ve got a taste of it and want more’.