Cheal Expansion Project

  • TaskHSE, Project Operations Coordinators, Permit Issuers and Commissioning Personnel

In Mid 2012 TAG Oil commenced the Cheal Expansion Project (CHIPE). Horizon Energy Services provided Health and Safety, project operations coordinators and commissioning personnel. In addition, Horizon also compiled operating procedures and training material.

The new gas production plant at TAG’s Cheal-A site in Ngaere was officially opened by Prime Minister John Key in June 2013.

The plant was part of the $40 million expansion at the site which will increase the oil lifting capacity, gas compression capacity and electricity generation capability.

The expansion includes a new gas plant, which will enable separation of liquid hydrocarbons for sale and also to create New Zealand spec gas from solution gas.

It will also maximise the company’s marketability of gas production through new pipelines, connect the Cheal-C site to the Cheal-A site and a new 11km pipeline from Cheal to New Zealand’s open-access gas transmission line.